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Aviation Trading Hamburg is into business of aircraft models since 1994. We started off with the endeavor of designing and delivering aircraft models without making any quality compromises which is the reason we have been attracting some of the top names in aviation industry as our valued customers.

Every customer has a specific requirement and budget and hence our team is committed to provide customized solutions. All this requires many hours of dedication and skilled craftsmanship and this is exactly what makes up the team of Aviation Trading Hamburg.

To us, designing aeroplane models is passion and our quest for engineering perfection, has led us to be the first company in world to produce A350 in 1:10 scale.

Currently, we are one of the very few companies in world to produce exhibition /outdoor /giant scale airplane models ranging from 1:5 to 1:25 scale aircraft model, making it a marvelous advertising tool for our customers and a showcase of our Mastery.

Our Destination - Dear Passengers

Giant Scale aircraft Models are great marketing tool in Aviation Industry. Our Journey is to partner you in leading your road to marketing success.

Our Aircraft Models help you to build a customer friendly corporate identity. These models are ideal to showcase your prominence via outdoor display at air shows, corporate events or premium customer meets.

They help your customer to experience the brand even before they had a real engagement with airline. Our models with its excellent manufacturing quality leave a highly reputable and impressed consumer thus further enhancing your corporate and brand image.

Who are We - The Crew

We have an extremely passionate team of engineers always aiming for perfection and client satisfaction. Our team comprises of Skilled Aeronautics Engineers, Experienced Painter and Graphic Designer.

A team of 10 members, dedicated for this production, are zealous to perform. Therefore our models go through various steps right from planning to production. From product design to manufacturing and from graphic designing to painting. Each of our models is individually produced so that at every step we can assure of matchless quality.

Our Product - The Aircraft

Model Making

Implementing CAD designed files, parts are milled from foam. Various materials can be used depending on desired end result.

Foam model is assembled and covered with fiber glass to prepare for the next stage of treatment. Once glass fiber coat has cured, all defects are corrected and further covered with primer. After inspecting all surfaces they are prepared for polishing.

Mold Making

While in mould making process, all ready model surfaces are covered with mold release for easy model and form separation. After separation, surfaces has been built form system is applied.

With utmost care, using compressed air, molds are separated from models.

Part Production

Mould surface is covered in a coat followed by layers of fiber reinforced plastic, sandwich material as well as strengthening materials are stacked. For infusion, mesh and vacuum tube are implemented and mold is closed with film.

From one end, resin is fed and with pressure it is evenly distributed. Using infusion technology, we produce lightweight parts with lesser chemical emission.

Body Assembly

Structural parts are fitted on one side of mold and then both halves are glued with inner structure being inside. Mount points and part joining fittings are added before molds are closed.

Once all parts are ready to be assembled, all imperfections are aligned to prepare the aircraft for painting.


After meticulous profile check, our aircraft model heads to paint workshop. First, all the color tones are carefully converted to RAL colors in order to give the product faithful touch of reality. The model is fundamentally painted in white and then wears layers of paint scheme of livery followed by window panel, doors, national flag, script or text and likewise other details and finally the logo – heart of every airline.

In the end it is rounded with varnish to give that shiny and glossy look combined with sophisticated techniques specially adopted to enhance the endurance and durability. Our airplane models are UV resistant, making it a perfect tool for outdoor display as well.

The Aircraft is ready

We take utmost care at every stage and make sure to deliver the product as close to reality. Having said that, we will let our work speak for that shall stand for its singularity:

Installed near Erbil International Airport, this Giant Scale A350 is 6.5 meters long and 6.4 meters wide fixed at 6 meters above the ground at a busy road junction and has become an icon (1:10 scale).

Fixed at Nuremberg Airport, A320 is 3.77 meters long and 3.4 meters wide (1:10 scale).

Hanging at Cologne Airport, A319 is 4.23 meters long and 4.26 meters wide (1:8 scale).



Hanging at Münster Osnabrück International Airport, A320 NEO is 3.75 meters long and 3.58 meters wide (1:10 scale)

 Installed at Europa Park, A320 with Sharklets is 3.75 meters long and 3.58 meters wide (1:10 scale)

Welcome Onboard!

Giant / Mega / Outdoor scale aeroplane models have proved to be great tool for marketing to Aviation Industry. It is not only an eye catcher at outdoor display or events but also develops a strong brand identity to maintain individuality. Our airplane models are synonymous to the brand that you wish to develop that differentiates from others. They are physical expression and extension of your company that is visually speaking with your customers giving them a succinct message, while reminding them of their onboard experience.

Interested in getting more details on our airplane models? Feel free to drop in. We are happy to welcome you onboard.


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